HARD BID / DESIGN-BID-BUILD: Hard Bid is similar to the Traditional Design-Bid-Build method, described as such: The owner hires an architect to design a facility in response to the owner’s program requirements. The architect then prepares drawings and specifications to define the scope of work. Once the drawings/specs are prepared, a general contractor is selected typically on the basis of the lowest bid. The advantage of this method is familiarity, as this is the traditional, well known delivery method. Other advantages of this method include a clear definition of roles amongst the project participants and a clearly defined scope of work.

This method can be a lengthier process than the other methods, because the construction cannot begin until the design process is completed, and the lack of builder input during the design process could result in difficult and more costly building systems. There are advantages and disadvantages to every delivery method; therefore, we have provided a description of each one to help you determine which method would best suit your commercial construction needs.